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"GREY" Out now.


Album Detail

  •   Title: GREY
  •   Artist: Kishan Rajbhandari aka Keysun
  •   Average Rating:
  •   Price (Rs): Rs. 700
  •   Price ($): $10 $15

Tracks List

Cover Title Language Producer Duration
Ride Ride Nepali Keysun 3 : 9
Grey Grey Nepali Keysun 3 : 35
Naam Ko Nasha Naam Ko Nasha Nepali Breeze 3 : 38
Kata Kata Kata Kata Nepali Beatsbynoist 3 : 45
Yatra Yatra Nepali Noist 3 : 31
Bas Afnai Bas Afnai Nepali Keysun 3 : 11
Timi mero Timi mero Nepali Beatsbynoist 4 : 5
Ghutan Ghutan Nepali Noist 3 : 21
Hamro Para Yestai Hamro Para Yestai Nepali Keysun 3 : 43
Gumsiyeko Gumsiyeko Nepali Keysun 2 : 26
Ma sanga Ma sanga Nepali Keysun 4 : 35
DarkDays DarkDays Nepali Noist 3 : 44

Keysun's Second Album "GREY" potray mixed feelings of dark and light."GREY" denotes the composition of Black and white where black refers to the obstacles,pain or any negative emotions of life and white refers to the happiness,joy,success or any positive emotions of life. As per the artist himself this Album represents the colour of life.

This Album is produced by Keysun,Noist Aka Akash Thapa Magar, Breeze Aka Utsav Acharya.

This album consists 3 collaboration with 

"GREY" title track ft.Kiran,Timi Mero ft.Dawa X Bibek and Hamro para ft.Idiom.

Special thanks to Kiran Rajbhandari,Utsaha joshi Aka Uniq poet, jeewan dhakal , Dyna4stryke music whole team,Trapside Galaxy records whole team,Noist,Breeze and all of my fans,supporters and well-wishers.

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