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  •   Title: Supergami
  •   Artist: Samir Dhakal aka Durtagami
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Tracks List

Cover Title Language Producer Duration
03. Maafi Chaina 03. Maafi Chaina Nepali, English Breeze' 4 : 54
10. Nabol Masanga 10. Nabol Masanga Nepali, English Breeze' 4 : 13
13. Mero Club 13. Mero Club Nepali, English Breeze' 2 : 40
16. Vustigrey 16. Vustigrey Nepali, English Breeze' 2 : 38
17. Haasi Rahanu 17. Haasi Rahanu Nepali, English Breeze' 3 : 30

Supergami, as simple as it can be. I came with this theme as it portrays the real me. We all have that inner strength within us. It takes a lot of time to find what we can really do. In recent years, I have been through ups and downs. Somedays it felt like I should give up on this shit and start doing shits I barely know about. Music was my only escape, and it is still today, it gave me powers to express my thoughts, anger, happiness, sadness around me.

This album has featured songs with artists like Ease and Kushal Pokharel. The album consists 18 tracks out of which 5 tracks can be found on YouTube right now. Producers like Breeze', Hype and Kpass are working on this album. Maafi Chaina is the most played track from the album right now. Go get your pre-order, Something big is coming on the way. 

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